Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hitler's Blood Discovered on Captured Berghof Artifacts

On May 4, 1945 a young corporal in the 3rd Army Infantry Brigade entered the Berghof, Hitler’s vacation home and base of war operations, searching for the perfect souvenir. He found it in Adolf Hitler’s study; an autographed edition of Mein Kampf with Hitler’s Armband tucked inside the cover.   While still in Germany, he inscribed and signed the book to his good friend and distant cousin back home in the United States.  Little did he know what secrets his artifacts contained hidden in the fabric of the armband and the paper of the Mein Kampf.

For nearly 60 years the book and armband were kept on the cousins shelf as a reminder of the war years and her deep friendship with the soldier.  The family protected this treasure and hopes that the release of the artifacts leads to an increased enlightenment around the world.  This discovery provides so many unique lessons for humanity and with an open heart we embark on a journey to share this with the World.
"Hitler's Armband"
Adolf Hitler's Armband Face

The artifacts were created by two mundane activities, shaving on a brisk Spring morning and last minute office work.  Their survival however was thanks to the dramatic events of the final year of World War II.  In fact the artifacts mark the end of the last weekend Hitler appeared to the outside World as healthy, exuberant, gregarious and happy.  While Hitler sat down to sign an inscribed copy of Mein Kampf, he produced a beautifully relaxed autograph.  After sitting back to examine his handiwork one can imagine the radical change in mood as Hitler discovered the bright red blood stain on the inside cover and dustjacket of the book.  He quickly tore the cover into thirds and stuffed it inside the book.   Either he or his secretary noticed a blood droplet on the white silk face of his Swastika Armband and Hitler removed the armband and put it inside the book.   Perhaps he felt or saw the additional blood droplets in the red wool of the band.  One can assume they were meant to be destroyed but thanks to Hitler’s military losses, multiple assassination attempts, drug induced paranoia and deteriorating health the items were ignored and remained in the glass enclosed book shelves of the study.  Hitler had inadvertently provided us with perfect samples of his DNA with 3 incontestable proofs:
Adolf Hitler Autograph below Inscription to SA Officer
"Adolf Hitler's Autograph"
  • Position of Blood Stain in inside cover and dust jacket could only be created by the producer of the autograph.  Provides Date and Authenticity.
  • Position of blood droplets on armband are consistent with a straight razor shaving cut on the left side of the face and position is consistent with the way Hitler wore his armband inside the Berghof.

Blood Stain Produced by Left Hand of Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler Produced Bloodstain on Inside Cover

  • The armband is the style only worn by the highest ranking officers of the Nazi Party and the Serial Number on the RZM tag on the armband is #7, which was Hitler’s mythical membership number in the Nazi Party and was used by Hitler throughout the war on all items produced by government factories for official use.
As DNA knowledge grows at lightnening speed this discovery will provide many decades of  research on Adolf Hitler and humanity.
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